When You Can’t Get Out For Pizza

Hands up. Who doesn’t like pizza? If this is you, you would be a rare exception to the human nature rule. Or you might wish to have your head examined. But no, most readers, if not, all, are pretty cool with their Friday night pizza eat-outs or weekend order-ins. Some of you have been with this longstanding tradition since the day you started school. And years later, bored out of your skull and running out of options, you might wish for a change of taste and pace.

There are literally hundreds of vegetarian, meat-based and seafood ingredients on the pizza menu. But they may not always be available at your local pizzeria or takeout joint. This is not the fault of your pizza maker or delivery guy. It could just be that your preferred or favorite ingredients are just out of season. In some countries of the world, pineapple rings, as in fresh pineapples, are rare. While in other countries, labelled restrictions have been placed on certain seafood stocks owing to the global depletion of ocean fish.

frozen hand-tossed pizzamake your own home-made pizza

All things being equal, it might be snowing a blizzard out your way. Who wants to eat out in this kind of weather? And your pizza delivery guy certainly won’t be coming round. So, the next best thing is to stay in and make your own pizza. That’s pretty fun, and it’s actually quite easy. And yet still, some readers might need a helping hand. So, if you really feel that you’re just not up to rolling your own dough, you can always make an online purchase of frozen hand-tossed pizza.

And whenever you feel like prepping your own pizza, you’ll be able to defrost your pre-prepared pizza bases and get ready to have some fun in the kitchen with some of your favorite ingredients. Those of you new to this enterprise and brave enough to give it a try should know that there really is nothing to it. It’s actually quite easy to make your own home-made pizza. Is there time for a quick demo?

Yup. There is. Plenty of time. And in actual fact, it does not even take long to make a pizza either. So, if you’re really starving, then this is the way to go. For starters; you’ve already got your hand-tossed pizza base. All you really need now is the rest of your standard ingredients. This basic recipe idea contains ground beef, a small chopped onion, dried oregano, a medium sized green pepper, diced, a teaspoon dried basil and a teaspoon of salt.

And then you’ll need just one can of tomato sauce. Finally, and this is really yummy, you’ll want to add in a generous two cups of mozzarella cheese. And that’s it really. All you need to do next is pop the base in the oven and heat at one eighty degrees’ heat and within no more than ten minutes or so, you’ve got your own home-made pizza.

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